What is Yes For Brookline?

Yes For Brookline is a campaign asking voters to approve both an operating override and a debt exclusion to fund the Pierce School project. The campaign is led by volunteer elected officials from our Select Board and School Committee, and includes broad citizen participation.

What is an operating override, and why do we need to vote on it?

In 1980, Proposition 2-1/2 became Massachusetts law. “Prop 2-1/2” limits – to 2.5 percent – the amount by which municipalities may increase local property taxes annually. More information from the Commonwealth is here.

Since the 2.5 percent limit was imposed, towns often need to raise extra revenue to cover increased costs of services to the town, which generally grow at more than 2.5% per year.  To raise revenue by more than 2.5%, voters need to approve an override of the 2.5%, hence the name operating override.  That is what Brookline is asking for now.

What is a debt exclusion?

When the Town needs to fund large capital projects, there is generally not enough funding in the Capital Improvement Plan to cover those costs. Instead, the Town asks voters to approve the purchase of a bond that will cover the construction costs, which will then be paid off over a fixed period such as 25 years. Payments of that bond will be funded by increases to property taxes.

What will the operating override pay for?

These details are currently being finalized and will be published soon.

How much will the projects cost?

These numbers are currently being finalized and will be published soon.

Yes for Brookline urges voters to say YES!